3 must have knives for home cooks

The 3 Must-Have Knives for Home Cooks

Experienced home cooks have a lot of tools in their arsenal. This includes a good set of knives. But what if you are just starting out at home? What are the must-have knives for home cooks like you?

We know that an excellent knife can make a difference in the world of cooking. It makes food preparation easier and the whole process becomes more enjoyable.

That is why why we are going to talk about the three must-have knives for beginner home cooks. These knives are what you need to get started and from there, you can expand depending on your cooking needs.

What are the 3 must-have knives for home cooks?

Chef's knife - must have knife at home

Chef’s Knife

The chef’s knife is the most versatile among all knives. It usually has a blade length of 7 to 10 inches. This knife is characterized by its broad and triangular-shaped blade and it tapers to a sharp point.

The reason why this knife is versatile is that it allows for both rocking and chopping motions. This makes it viable for chopping vegetables, slicing meat, dicing herbs, mincing garlic, finely chopping nuts, and even slicing large fruits such as pineapples.

If there is one knife that you need to buy ASAP, then it is the chef’s knife. It is available in specialty knife shops, groceries, and other brick-and-mortar shops.

Another good thing about the chef’s knife is it is available in all price ranges. There are regular stainless steel knives you can get for around $10 or you can splurge and get a Damascus chef’s knife.

How to choose a chef’s knife?

The key to choosing a chef’s knife is by trying it. It is better for you to get the feel of the handle and ensure that you are comfortable holding it. Make sure that is balanced in your hand.

The next thing you should do is check the blade material. High-quality stainless steel is ideal since it will stay sharp longer and resist rust and corrosion.

Paring knife in use

Paring Knife

The paring knife might be small but it is an essential tool in the kitchen. This 3 to 4 inches knife has a pointed blade and a narrow profile.

Paring knives are used for precision such as peeling, trimming, and shaping fruits or vegetables. It is also used for small ingredients that require accurate cuts such as ginger.

Moreover, you may also use a paring knife to trim meat, poultry, and fish so it is not exclusive to fruits and vegetables.

How to choose a paring knife?

Like other knives, it is best to try out a paring knife before buying one. Since it is a small knife, try to hold it as if you are peeling fruit and see if it fits your hand perfectly. Stainless steel is still one of the blade materials since it is durable and rust-free.

sourdough bread with serrated bread knife

Serrated Bread Knife

A serrated bread knife is a great addition to your knife set especially if you are a beginner. This 8 to 10-inch-long knife has a jagged edge and a pointed blade. It is designed to slice bread or pastry without breaking or crushing it.

Home cooks should have a serrated bread knife to accomplish clean slices for cake and other types of bread. A chef’s knife might do the work but there is a high chance that you will squish the bread by using one.

Moreover, bread knives are also used for cutting though-skinned fruits such as tomatoes and citrus fruits. It is also possible to slice salmon, prosciutto, bacon, and other delicate foods with a serrate knife.

How to choose a serrated bread knife?

Choosing a serrated bread knife shouldn’t be a chore. You just have to keep in mind the blade length, serrations, blade material, and handle.

The length should be at least 8 inches so you can slice cakes, loaves of bread and pastries of different sizes. The serrations should be deep and sharp – making it easy to cut through tough crust without breaking the bread’s interior.

Like other knives, a stainless steel blade is ideal for longevity and lastly, the handle should be comfortable. Do test out a knife before buying it to avoid regret.

What’s next for you, home cook?

Once you have these 3 must-have knives, practice your craft and see if you are missing something. This will be your clue on what kind of knife to get. Should you get a cleaver? Santoku knife? It all depends on what type of cooking you do.

Being a home cook means you practice and learn by experience. Do not hesitate to try out different knives and pick one that will last you a long time. 

Do not forget to maintain your knives properly and keep them sharp too so they will last a long time.

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