Our Sharpening Process

To some knife sharpening is something they never think of, but properly sharpened knife can last a long time. 

Our very fast, hassle-free service is a game changer.  Simply order the service for how many knifes you want and we'll ship you prepaid box and edge sleeves to protect the knives and shippers. There is nothing else you need, it's so simple! 

Our multi-step sharpening process goes like this. 

  • First we clean the blade and remove rust/oxidation if there is any
  • Make sure the blade and tip is straight, let us know if you'd like to fix the tip. 
  • Asses the cutting edge and angle, 
  • Sharpen the knife's edge
  • Polish and Hone the edge, we use either very fine Japanese stones, or leather wheels. 

That's it! You get your knife back in tip-top shape while you stay in your home!